Energy Healing Toolkit – Winter Group Special Edition


Become fluent in the language of energy and approach your healing work with more discernment, awareness, presence and ultimately potency. This course is constructed to provide you with not only the tools and the knowledge of when to use them (through self-guided video lessons + meditation recordings), but also ample practice time (through weekly workshop sessions). You will receive and guide healing sessions. If you feel the call to becoming an energy healer, these tools are indispensable. No prior experience is necessary. Your willingness is more than enough.

We will explore the magic of energy space and guiding visualization, powerful healing space holding through deep listening, how to use your intuition in your healing sessions AND in making your intentions come true, alignment (& the healing of your inner child/goddess/god), keeping your energy clean & clear so you can be the best healing channel (including boundary healing and cord cutting) & more hands-on healing techniques. As far as I know this bundle of healing skills is offered nowhere else.

Workshop Times will be 6 Sundays from 10am – 12pm ET, starting January 31.
Within workshop times, you will be invited to practice guiding & receiving what you’ve learned from the module of the week. This allows for a multi-layered 6 week journey, where you learn about the different levels of healing, apply them to yourself, receive guidance from fellow participants AND guide others. All of this is done under a light-supervision from me, with feedback so you can most improve.

Exceptionally, you will also receive in-between session support from me through a dedicated facebook group.

If you’d like to register via e-transfer, this is an option.

The intention of this class is to expand your energy toolkit so you can approach your healing work with more discernment, awareness & presence, ultimately helping your clients heal in more profound ways. We will touch on guiding visualization, deep listening, intuitive reading, parts work, cord cutting, & more hands-on healing techniques.

Designed for Reiki practitioners, many of these tools will still be complementary if your focus is tarot reading, massage, sound healing or any other modality.

Of course, as you learn, you work on yourself. You are always your first client. These classes are experiential in nature and I can't wait to dive in with you.

Week 1 - Visualization
Guide your clients to their new energy reality

Week 2 - Deep Listening
Listen to the essence that wants to come through.

Week 3 - Intuitive Reading
Take a more active role through developing your intuition.

Week 4 - Parts Work
Heal your inner child, inner feminine & masculine and help your clients do the same.

Week 5 - Boundaries, Calling Your Power Back & Cord Cutting Become sovereign in your energy space and help your clients do the same.

Week 6 - Heart Unwinding + Chakra-by-Chakra Connection. Develop new non-verbal tools to use during an energy session.

This is as close as I can get right now in teaching how *I* work with my clients :).


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The program: 

Week 1 – Entering Energy Space with Visualization
Energy Space is where we hack into your subconscious mind and can make “magic” happen. Learn how to go there and how to make changes there, for yourself and potential clients.

Week 2 – Powerful Space Holding through Deep Listening
Learn to listen not only to what someone is saying but also to the energy behind it and their genius behind that. 

Week 3 – Intuition Boost
Become adept at letting your intuition guide you in your healing sessions and in the work of art that is your life.

Week 4 – Alignment through Parts Work.
Get all of yourself aligned behind your intentions and heal your inner child, inner feminine & masculine and help your clients do the same.

Week 5 –  Keeping your Energy Clean  & Clear through working with your Boundaries, Calling Your Power Back & Cord Cutting 
Become sovereign in your energy space and help your clients do the same.

Week 6 – Guiding from beginning to end.
Develop strategic thinking on how to guide your client to where they want to go.

These are the tools I get the absolute most results with in my work with my clients. If you are a (budding OR experienced) healer of any kind (Reiki, Tarot, Osteopath, Nurse, Psychotherapist, Coach), these tools will prove invaluable to your work, whether you use them outright or not. Beginners are welcome. What’s needed here is your willingness, the rest will be provided for you to learn.