energy healing meditations

Clearing your Energy

Your capacity to empathize and feel what others are feeling is a superpower AND you don’t need to be doing it all day long OR keeping people’s energy after they’re long gone. That leads to feeling drained, tired & eventual burn-out.After a day of “peopling” or after spending time with someone who tends to drain you, do this meditation. It will help you separate out your own energy from others’, return your energy to you and expel energy that is not yours. This will leave you able to tune into yourself and tend to your own needs.I do a version of this after every client (and it helps a lot!)

Energy Healing Toolkit

If you’re in the Montreal area, it’s that time of the year! We’re starting our Energy Healing Toolkit Class on March 1st. Learn more here!

Self-healing journeys

Sometimes you just need guidance for you to be your own best healer. Are you ready to continue your journey on your own?