one-on-one transformation + Healing

Energy healing that unleashes you

one-on-one work is for you if:

✔ You move fast and you want a tailored experience.

✔ You are beyond ready to activate the most authentic expression of yourself.

✔ You get turned on by doing the deep work of turning your wounds into a sense of lived wholeness.

✔ You yearn to adore being who you are and feel proud of every aspect of the life you’ve created.

Is that you? 

Then I would freaking LOVE working with you. 

You’re here to make an impact by being exactly who you are.  I know deep down in my bones that it’s time for the kind-hearted, sensitive & super-smart among us to take part and even lead a healing revolution

If you’re on this page, you’re meant to be a part of that. Whatever your role to play is, if you’re you, it’s sure to be straight up stunning. 

My job? Unleash you. 

That means: guiding you, holding space for you, clearing energy for and with you, teaching you, coaching you, questioning you, holding you, challenging you. 

After 8 years of doing energy work professionally and 15 of studying psychology, neuropsychology, energy healing, NLP & more pretty much full-time, my toolkit is impressive and entirely at your service. 


Here’s how it’s going to go from here:

1) You apply to work with me. 

At this time, I’m focusing on creating stellar group programs for the budding healers among us and so I am only taking select 1:1 clients that I feel entirely jazzed to work with. If you find yourself on this page, chances are that it’s you. I respond to and value honesty so be as honest as you can in your answers. 

2) I get in touch with you with my recommendation. 

Based on your answers & budget, my recommendation may be extremely clearcut. I have a few programs that I have run for years now and that work extremely well. If that’s the case, I will explain the program and you will have the choice whether you want to move forward with it. Alternatively, I may want to get on a call with you to ascertain what the absolute best program to move forward is. In that case, I will e-mail you with a few potential timeslots so we can do so. 

3) We agree on a proposal and payment is handled.
Generally, I’m amenable to payment plans.


Answer these questions to apply: 

    Inge is so authentique, I always feel at ease as soon as I walk through her door. I never feel the same when I leave, I love her personal style of listening fully with her heart and just always knowing the exact right thing to say or do. Much love and appreciation for the work that she does, in healing us one at a time, she is healing the world.

    Emily Verrecchia

    Reiki has been a breath of fresh air in a world that seems to be getting more and more confusing. You get back in touch with your core being and truly begin to know yourself once Reiki comes into your life. As one of Inge’s first students in Reiki 1, I can tell you that she will provide you with a wonderful introduction to reiki whether you go to her for a session or decide to take the plunge and take Reiki into your own hands (literally).

    James Bernard

    Inge is amazingly talented. She has the wonderful ability to be there as a kind and knowledgeable guide. Her approach is flexible and tailored to the client's individual needs.
    Finding her is worth much more than what she charges.
    Mélanie Caron