Become who you are

with energy healing

To the big-hearted sensitive ones,

I see you dreaming of a new world: a kinder world, a gentler world, a world where hurt people still hurt people, but where more and more  

healed people heal people.

I sense your desire to step up and be one of these lights of healing for the world. I feel your pulsing, burgeoning knowing that

you’re meant for this healing revolution.

It’s in your bones. It’s in your soul. It’s who you are. 
You’re here for THIS.

You’re here to heal – first yourself, then (if you dare, maybe) others.

You know the healing journey will require your love, your patience, your courage, your resolve and… You’re all in.

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heal yourself & become the healer you were meant to be.

I offer three pathways into this work: 

One-on-one healing work  | Group classes | Self-healing journeys: 

one-on-one energy healing

Together, we lovingly dissolve patterns, we transform your stuckness into growth and create space for clarity & peace to return. 

(offered online and locally in Montreal) 

For you if:

You're feeling stuck, not making sense to yourself or you're craving loving support & guidance on your healing journey.

Group classes: energy school

In an intimate setting of 6 students or less, you will be guided to become the healer you are. 

Whether you're just starting out and have a yearning to learn energy work through Reiki or you're ready to go deeper in your soul-work or you're wanting to make a living facilitating healings for others, Energy School has something for you. It generally all starts with .

(offered locally in Montreal)

For you if: 

You're ready to become the healer you are. 

self-healing journeys

 These guide you to heal yourself. You receive prompts to increase your awareness, shift your vibration and take the action you need to create a new reality for yourself. 

(offered online)

For you if:

 You have a smaller budget & you're ready to take your healing into your own hands.

Hi, I'm Inge and i'm so glad you're here.

You see – I feel like I already know you. I know how deeply your heart wants to love. I see your longing for a more peaceful world, for love.

I know you, because I am you.

Ever since I was little, I’ve had this sweet sorrow, this longing in my heart for the world to be just a little gentler, more loving, less in pain. As a child, I’d innocently take on others’ pain (to try to soothe them) and I would get sick in the process.

My sensitivity was hurting me.
Being an empath was a liability rather than a strength.

My life since then has been a story of turning my sensitivity into my greatest superpower.

I’ve healed my boundaries (again and again). I’ve learned how to compassionately listen (without taking on energy). I’ve helped my inner healer emerge from the shadows by consistently owning more and more of myself every day. I’ve empowered the healer in me with the tools she needed to facilitate deep, beautiful healing for others (without harming herself in the process).

And now, that’s what I do : I help empaths turn their sensitivity into their greatest strength. Either by helping them heal through one-on-one sessions or self-healing journeys, either by empowering them to become the healers that they are by giving them the frameworks, awareness, practices and tools they need to embody the sage, wise healer within.

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