Love Manifestation Month


In 30 days, grow the love in your life.
-> Understand the energetics of love & relationships: find out how shame, boundaries and truth-telling all relate to creating the best kind of love.
-> Gain killer tools to manage your energy so love can flourish in your life (and negativity and resentment can wither): short meditations, energy exercises and the kind of awareness that will change your life.
-> Step into higher worthiness and stronger compassion to call in the highest forms of love.

How does it work?
You will receive daily prompts via e-mail to shift both your energy and your mindset when it comes to love and your intimate relationships. Whether you want to focus on your relationships in general or on your significant other (you’re currently in a relationship, single or unsure), we’ll rewire your energy to be a match to deeper love than you’ve experienced before.

Your relationships are a cause of suffering for you or you’re yearning for more love in your relationships.

The exchange:
$111 tax included. Purchasable as a gift. Simply send an e-mail to info@ingebroer.com with the name and e-mail of the recipient of this gift. Interac e-transfers accepted. Please transfer the full amount (including sales tax) of $111 to info@reikimontreal.org

We all have a beautiful sensitive heart capable of enormous love.
… and most of us cover it up in some way…
… with fear, with anxieties, with hurt, with bitterness, with resentment, with anger, with unprocessed grief, with shame, …
I have affectionately called mine “the crusties”: all those layers lying on top of the heart dumbly trying to protect it. They detect some threat of hurt and, like an overexcited bodyguard, throw themselves bodily on top of the heart screaming: “NO don’t feel this! I’d rather DIE than you feel this directly! I will protect you!”
The more of these “crusties” we have, the more being close to others feels dangerous and the more our trust-signals get muddled up. The result when we let this go on too long?

  • Instead of growing closer to those we love, we grow more distant.
  • Instead of opening our heart to forgiveness, we close it in bitterness.
  • Instead of choosing trustworthy people to share our hurt with, we blindly choose people who mirror our pain and end up giving it back to us 10-fold.
  • Instead of reveling in the potential for intimacy, we run away from it.

Over the last 10 years of my spiritual journey, I’ve walked my heart back from crusty and painful to open and safe (and still boundaried, although not guarded) hundreds of times… and gained hundreds of tools on the way.
If there’s one thing I know, is that healing the heart, and healing LOVE in our lives is ultimately really only up to ourselves. Our relationships may shift and change around us (Some may fall away. Some may flourish. Some may be sacredly challenged and transformed.), and it’s up to us to upgrade our worth enough to be available for a greater quality of love in your life (whether that be in your intimate relationships, your friendships, your family life or with the world in general).
If you would like to uncover the love in your heart, I would love to share my tools with you.

In Love Manifestation Month, you’ll receive

30 days of perspective shifts, practical tools, meditations and more to walk your “heart crusties” back and heal your heart AND your relationships to manifest the relationships of your dreams.

We start February 1st,.


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