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Feelings can be big and uncomfortable and for lack of a better term : “icky”. It’s normal to want to push them away and turn our attention to sunnier, happier things. In the long term, however, this comes at a cost. When we numb the “negative” feelings we also numb the “positive” ones.

Doing RAIN has been a saving grace for me, to open myself up back to life again and again. RAIN is an acryonym I learned from Tara Brach, a wonderful psychologist & meditation teacher and encapsulates the core of my work very well. Whenever an uncomfortable feeling arises:

R – Recognize: Become aware of the discomfort.

A – Allow: Choose not to numb the discomfort.

I – InvestigateNotice the sensations, emotions & thoughts that accompany it. Ask gentle questions.

N – NurtureTry to take care of this part of yourself that’s comfortable without believing its stories.

 You can do this in real time as things come up, you can journal these four categories or do them in the meditation available below.

This practice is my #1 go to.

Energy Healing Toolkit

If you’re in the Montreal area, it’s that time of the year! We’re starting our Energy Healing Toolkit Class on March 1st. Learn more here!

Self-healing journeys

Sometimes you just need guidance for you to be your own best healer. Are you ready to continue your journey on your own?