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If this is you…

You’ve been on a healing journey and done your work. It’s been profound and magical. It’s awoken a calling to assist others on their healing path. You’re no longer ashamed of being different, sensitive & beautiful in an oddly confronting way. You can honestly say you love yourself. 

Yet, despite having healed, forgiven and owned your past, you’re still people-pleasing and  playing out patterns of co-dependency. You’re afraid to admit this because despite your true commitment to kindness, resentment & anger are regular visitors in your heart. It’s something you’d prefer people didn’t know about you and you let it hold you back. (Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone ;)).

You’re also more ambitious than you pretend. You’re here to play a big game and you know it. You’ve known it for a LONG time. So let’s stop the BS, shall we? Let’s unleash you. Exactly as you are.

… and you’re ready for:

1 – Massive Healing

There is a healing gap between self-love and playing your biggest game. That gap is filled with shame & it hides who you are at your core. We will excavate the shame and find the hidden gems within it. This work will be done with a lot of softness and with a lot of truth. 

2 – Irresistable Magnetism

Currently, your shame is hiding you from the jewels the universe is ready to bestow on you – the dream clients, the lover you fantasize about, the perfect job… By doing the healing work in Soft & True, you will become both visible & magnetic to your deepest desires. 

3 – Improved Relationships

 If you’re keeping yourself small for the comfort of others, your relationships are suffering. The greatest gift you can give your loved ones (AND your clients) is YOU, soft & true. This will likely mean setting boundaries & cutting ties, but the end result: more honesty, more respect, more love, more soul-mate clients & less resentment.

4 – Aligned Money

When you keep yourself small and refuse to see the magnificent value you bring to the table every day, you’ll feel you need to compromise who you are for money. For you to be the healer that you came here to be, that just won’t do. A potentially unexpected result of this program: money that comes from work that you inherently value.

Then join soft & true. You get:

Meditations & Processes

Weeks of support

truly transformative learning modules



Soft & True is a 9-week healing program to help live the magical truth of who you are. In both a soft & true way.

This isn’t about starting to scream anything off of rooftops, nor about becoming screechingly arrogant and down-putting. That’s just the flipside of where you’re at and it’s not true at all.

Actually, this is all about living what you know to be true: We’re all connected and we belong to eachother. Every living being has beauty and magic inside and you will simply stop hiding yours.
You will allow your gifts to be seen & share their benefits beyond yourself (and who knows, maybe even getting paid for them).

Every week, you get your content. We will tackle topics like: worthiness, shame, purpose, how to say no with grace, how to turn triggers into gold, value, sisterhood & support, unconditionality, receiving, & fun.

The format will be pre-recorded videos, workbooks to help you integrate the material into your life & different meditations and processes to help you work it in your energy directly.

Depending on your investment level, you will receive different levels of support to land the content directly into your life. In the group level, that also includes weekly lives where I speak directly to what the group needs that week AND rapid response time to help you turn every shadow and illusion into truth.

Your investment:

Your guide:

I may look insanely regal and confident right here, but I wasn’t always that way. Not even close.

As a kid, I was a total tomboy, cripplingly sensitive (it would make me stay at home for weeks at a time with headaches), so shy I was so afraid to ask to go pee that once in third grade I peed in my pants (omg lol), at times bullied for being a “chien de poche”, and at other times the most popular kid in the school. I also had this strange sensation in my chest that I never admitted to anyone: I know I was here to make a big difference, to help heal the pain on this planet & to help unleash people’s genius.

… and so I did. I studied psychology at McGill, neuropsychology at Université de Montréal and became an energy healer through the NHC Institute. For 7 years I worked as an energy healer, working with thousands of clients, perfecting my craft…

But still… but still I felt I was playing small.

And so during the first few weeks of quarantine, I got very, very real. What was I hiding? What was I ashamed of? What did I truly value? What am I here for? What do I yearn to create?

Soft & True was my answer. As a leader, I go first. Now, it’s your turn. What’s your bigger game? What do you yearn to create?

If you’re ready for YOUR answers, sign up below.

Time to sign up:

Soft & True

Hesitating or want more information? Get in touch through e-mail (inge@ingebroer.com) or through messenger.

Payment plans are available upon request. Get in touch.

The next round starts the second or third week of April.


Hear it from past participants:

Soft and true is the program I didn’t know I needed but my soul had been waiting for all my life. It has impacted positively every part of my life and even my loved ones like a massive phone upgrade after which everything seems the same but subtle changes have happened everywhere making it all better. So many great tools and an awesome learning path making it all easy to integrate. Beautifully executed by Inge with her usual generosity, gently holding space for us to grow and heal in. Thank you a thousand times Inge!


Watch Amaya describe her Soft & True experience here. 

Amaya Saenz

Soft & True is the most powerful long life gift you can make to yourself.

Once you open the doors of your truth, you simply will not want to go back to where you were before… No matter where you stand in your life and how advanced you are in your healing process, Soft & True will always come up at the right time for you and will provide you with a tremendous toolkit to give you the impulse you’ve been searching for.

Inge, you’ve given us a solid basis to heal, understand, work, and grow. The structure and discipline of S&T is quite unique. It was intense and worth it and it will last forever ❤.

Pauline Bister