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Join the 5-day Unleash Yourself experience where you will: 1) Uncover what’s in the way of you truly knowing and living your purpose 2) Reconnect you to your wonderful, complex, multidimensional nature (and no longer let that be an excuse for not showing up as you are) 3) Break your stories around “worthiness” … and more of the good stuff that’s going to unleash you exactly as you are.   

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This question about whether you’re “worthy or not”, it’s time we blow it up. It’s time to unleash yourself! It’s not doing anyone any favors. Least of all you.There’s a game designed just for you. It’s waiting for you to decide to take center stage, step out of your cookie-cutter life and unleash yourself exactly as you are. Want to play?

Who is Unleash Yourself for?

For those who yearn to: – Embrace their multi-dimensional nature (because you’re biiiiig and beautiful and not limited to just being “human” deep down in your soul) – Stop playing small & play big instead (but without the massive collapse that often accompanies their solo efforts) – Are so ready to be recognized for their gifts and to start getting paid for them.You’re deeply touched by the world. You feel things all the way through. You have an acute awareness of how all things & beings are connected.…and that makes it really hard to express yourself, because what you can see is so complex and it doesn’t always come out straight and clear. Plus, the world you live in, doesn’t give you the soft landing space for it to become straight and clear. You’ve interpreted it as the world not welcoming or valuing your capacity to see so complexly and intricately and kindly.… so you stopped trying. You don’t feel the angst and rage about that anymore. In a sense, it feels like you’ve healed because the wound isn’t so raw anymore, but actually you’ve settled and that desire, no, that knowing that you’re meant to use that beautiful type of kind intelligence is lost in the sea of your own being. You’ve gotten on with things. You have a good job. You take care of your loved ones.…. but underneath, you still yearn to set your voice free and you have a restlessness in your core that won’t be settled by keeping the lid on, by playing small. That restlessness sometimes feels harsh and angry and like you want to burn the world down but don’t know why.& underneath that? You know that unlocking your voice & expressing your soft, magical, connected sight IS your purpose.& dear, honored, respected, loved one. Today, I’m gently calling you out.Our world desperately needs your specific kind of intelligence. Our world is starved for it. Will you do what you need to do & help us be fed? Unleash yourself!


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Unleash Yourself


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