2020 has been quite the year,  one for the history books all throughout the world. We know it’s been an incredible challenge. For everyone. But what story will we tell about this year 5 years from now, 20, 50?  Will we speak only of collapse, sickness and suffering? Or will we tell tales of challenges overcome, transformation and magic?

Now’s the time to write the story we want to tell.

With the guidance on this page, you’re invited to do just that. We’re taking our power back from the events out of our control, reviewing the past year with a clear eye and deciding how the story gets to unfold from here by clearing and alchemizing what is still stuck. The end result? A 2021 we’re proud to live.

phase 1: Review, clear, alchemize.

When life gets tough, it’s a natural response to close our eyes and go back to sleep. We might want to focus on what’s right in front of us just to get through the day.

If you’ve used this strategy quite a bit this year, that makes two of us. I’ve found it quite helpful myself, but at the tail end of the year, it’s time to reVIEW, to look at the year with a new eye, with a fresh perspective and call our power back from all the places we’ve gotten frozen.

What to do: (1) Watch the video, (2) Download your workbook, and do the exercises. 

phase 2: Gratitude, Celebration & DANCE PARTIES.

Although we don’t necessarily want to see where our energy is stuck, it will naturally bubble up as soon as we have a free moment. We’re wired this way.

If we are willing to alchemize and take responsibility for ourselves (like you are, by working through this process!), it’s great news because we get to claim our power back. But the good? The incredible? the magical? the wonderful? Our biology isn’t built to remind us. WE need to do that.

We need to anchor in the deliciousness of life in our nervous systems by SAVORING those experiences and recalling them later.

So as weird as 2020 was? Let’s remember the GOOD.

What to do: (1) Watch the video, (2) Download your workbook, and do the exercises

phase 3: Setting Soul-led Intentions that feel safe

Let’s start by taking a deep, stabilizing breath together.

Now, let’s remember these simple truths: (1) We are ALWAYS creatively participating in the unfolding of our lives. (2) We ALWAYS get to choose again, begin again, intend again. Whenever we cross a threshold it’s good to remember this.

IWhether that threshold is a year change, a relationship change or the result of massive healing, you get to choose again and participate in writing the next chapter.

So here’s what we’re going to do: We’re going to remember that it is SAFE to be the authors of our lives, connect with what is really TRUE for us and then verbalize that in easy to remember ways.

What to do: (1) Watch the video, (2) Download your workbook, and do the exercises