Back to Basics – Alignment

by Inge Broer | 2020-12-27 | Energy Healing Blog

There is one thing more than anything else that I’ve had people come see me for in my last 7.5 years of energy healing. Out of maybe 1000 clients I’ve seen, I’d say 900 said they were ‘STUCK’ as a reason for coming to see me. Being stuck is a clear sign that you’re out of alignment.

In this Video About Alignment, We’ll Cover

  • What is alignment
  • How do you make it happen

Energetically, we are complex beings that contain multitudes of different parts. These parts can include our ‘inner child’, our ‘brain’, our ‘heart’, etc.

Every part of us has different needs and wants.

When we’re saying things like ‘my head wants X, but my heart wants Y’ it’s a clear indication that we’re not in alignment.

When we try to move in one direction, if there are parts of us not on board, they will sabotage our efforts, leading to a stand still.

How to Live This

  • Observe, be curious. Next time you feel stuck, genuinely ask yourself a question like: ‘What part of me doesn’t want me moving forward with this?’. Then listen with care and curiosity and look for creative ways forward that include all that you are.


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