Back to Basics – Energy Clearing

by Inge Broer | 2020-12-13 | Energy Healing Blog

Clearing energy is crucial when it comes to living a balanced life. If we don’t watch out, we can accumulate all sorts of energies – energies that aren’t ours, energies that are outdated, energies that have no business hanging around you.

You get to carry with you only what you need and leave the rest.

In this Video About Energy Clearing, We’ll Cover

  • What energy clearing is
  • One effective tool to keep letting go

The more stuff from the past we carry with us, the heavier we feel. These may be unprocessed emotions, outdated beliefs, or rumination.

It can get us stuck and bogged down.

We benefit a lot from regularly clearing our energy and updating ourselves back to present time. What, right now, right here is useful? and can I let go of the rest?

How to Live This

  • There are many tools. Smudging & visualizing are fantastic. My favorite? A psychological tool made of three questions. Could I let go? Would I let go? When?


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