Back to Basics – Intuition

by Inge Broer | 2021-01-17 | Energy Healing Blog

I want to be super real with you on this one – Intuition as a concept bothers me. I see so many incredibly intuitive men and women lose their power, chasing their ever elusive ‘intuition’ and when they find it, they get terrified. Let’s stop that right now. Everyone has intuition. YOU have intuition… and the more you heal, the more you ground into who you are, the easier it is to listen to.

In this Video About Intuition, We’ll Cover

  • What is intuition?
  • How can we boost it?
  • Why is it so difficult to listen to?

To boost our intuition, it helps less to squint and try really hard, and more to lovingly undo as much perceptual distortion as we can. The distortion comes from our histories and energy blocks and are coded in our chakras.

Some of these distortions are collective, as if we’ve collectively agreed that subtle energies ‘are not real’. It takes grounded courage to reclaim your knowing.

How to Live This

  • To start undoing your blocks to intuition on a daily basis, you can regularly ask: ‘What am I not seeing?’ or ‘Where am I identified with things being a certain way?’
  • All my energy healing programs help you heal and undo the distortions in your field that lead to illusion and intuitive blockages, but if you really want to lean into this particularly, I teach intuition directly into my Energy Healing Toolkit. Check it out below.


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