Back to Basics – Resonance

by Inge Broer | 2020-11-17 | Energy Healing Blog

Resonance is an energetic phenomena behind the following experiences:

You feel relief when you say the exact right word for how you’re feeling.

You meet someone and instantly the love in your heart resonates with something in them.

Someone makes a passing comment and it feels like a punch to the gut.

In this Video About Resonance, We’ll Cover

  • What resonance is
  • How it’s the language of the universe

Everything is energy, so we’re resonating with life all day long. We’re like an instrument played by life. Sometimes it’s harmonious and beautiful. Sometimes it’s not.

When it’s not, the resonance may be with our wounds. When it is, the resonance may be with our gifts.

How to Live This

  • Pay attention, don’t take it personally, and let yourself open to the language of the Universe.


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