Back to Basics – Self-Care

by Inge Broer | 2020-12-23 | Energy Healing Blog

Self-care is an important buzz word these days… and when done well it is an INCREDIBLE investment.

In this Video About Self-Care, We’ll Cover

  • The real reasons self-care is important.
  • How to do it without being a tyrant with yourself.

Although great ways to take care of yourself, self-care truly goes beyond yoga & meditation… and it changes moment to moment. At 4pm self-care might look like letting all your dishes pile up, at 9pm it might look like cleaning them all up. One day it might look like letting yourself luxuriate in bed in the morning. The next, you might need to jump up and get going.

Most important of all when it comes to self-care? Deciding that you matter. You matter enough to invest in little moments that truly offer care to you.

How to Live This

  • Ask yourself ‘what do I need’ over and over, and then lovingly get yourself what you need.


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