Back to Basics – Triggers

by Inge Broer | 2020-12-06 | Energy Healing Blog

Not feeling in control, feeling at the mercy of everyone around you, like you’ll blow up at the smallest thing…? Then you know what triggers are.

In this Video About Triggers, We’ll Cover

  • An energetic understanding of triggers
  • How to view them as friends rather than enemies

We all have energetic zones within us that are hurting/angry/not accepted.

When they get poked, it triggers a cascade of responses to protect us from further harm… because they’re tender and painful and so, so afraid they’re not worthy of love… and so they fight further, hide further.

Truly? It’s okay.

Viewing them as friends, pointing us to zones where we’re rejecting our own love, can help reclaim more of ourselves and love more of ourselves every time.

How to Live This

  • Observe. Let your reactions be huge, but start just by watching them. Feel the sensations. Notice the thoughts. Witness the emotions. Once you’ve done that, choose how to respond. And when you fail? Notice.
  • Gently inquire: ‘what was triggered here? What is desperately calling out for my love?’


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