Back to Basics – What are emotions?

by Inge Broer | 2021-01-03 | Energy Healing Blog

Whether you are engulfed by them or repress them, whether you give them a lot of importance or very little importance, you have them. For better or for worse, emotions are part of our human experience.

In this Video About What are emotions?, We’ll Cover

  • What are emotions?
  • How can we interact with them wisely?

As messengers, they are really FOR you. Although not always pleasant (and we all have different levels of comfort with certain emotions over others), they are all trying to help you in someway.

Because they respond to your perception (even subconscious, from inner and outer sources), they can be really helpful to broaden your perception, but also not to be taken at face value.

Because they stick around until they are felt (and their message has been delivered), regularly allowing ourselves to feel our emotions is very important.

How to Live This

  • Observe your emotions – see them as valid messengers, but without necessarily taking them at face value.


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