Here we go then.

Day 1 of “field notes of an energy healer”.

It feels like I should be setting some clear intentions for this and have a whole plan around it and even state who this is for… but I don’t feel like doing anything of that. Blame it on the full moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo: I just want to shine in my own quirky unique way. I’d like to be seen, but it’s also not totally necessary. Creation for the sake of creation is more important.

So here we are. Day 1. 

I’m feeling a little dull and a little unclear but incredibly satisfied after a day of work well done. I learned that as a (partial? total?) result of work with a client months ago, she’s been able to pay off $26000 in debt. It’s these little details that get mentioned in passing, with no big fanfare, that fuel the fire of me knowing that this work is GOOD work.

The result is entirely my client’s. It’s to her massive credit. Do I get to enjoy a smile, knowing that I had something to do with it? I do. We both get to enjoy this.

Today also marked a turning point in my first round of Soft & True – I’m asking my participants to engage with a REAL dream, in REAL life, to face their blockages around it, to take small baby steps, to engage in the healing work as well as the action work. The tentative but confident smiles on their faces today as we finished our call – this sense of really GETTING it – the sense that their whole lives have led to this moment and they get to create their next steps from here on out with less pressure and less stress? This may just be part of why I chose to come to this planet. 

… but make no mistake. There’s more. My purpose is ever evolving, growing, more of it becoming available year by year and it’s satisfying. I’m glad I took the slow road. I’m glad I let my intuition take all its detours. 

Until next time, 


Today, I learned: That conspiracy theories come, in part, from a cognitive bias: We think that things with BIG consequences need to have BIG causes. Our brain doesn’t accept anything less. It makes it easier to have compassion for everyone buying into them right now (including myself). A global pandemic is no small thing. 

Today I’m grateful for: Giving myself this prompt for gratitude, because I soooooooooo resist it and it sooooo impacts my life for the better. 

Soft & True

Soft & True is a 9-week healing program to help live the magical truth of who you are. In both a soft & true way. In the process, you will upgrade your relationships & your alignment with your work in the world. Learn all about it here.