, todayToday was a big day. 

I’ve sat here reeling about it for a solid 10 minutes now, musing about what constitutes a big day, why this one was big and how much to share with you in this platform. There’s a whole conversation to be had about finding the fine line between sharing and oversharing in online spaces, but that’s one I might want to have another day. 

For today, let’s say it was a big day in such a way that I faced quite a few tests. 

What are tests? 

Tests are decision points. They are real world moments in which we get a choice to:  

1) Act on your new level of consciousness, usually based on higher worthiness 
(e.g. Put the frozen cookie dough away after you realized you’re eating your emotions, recognize the major red flag with the shiny new opportunity in front of you and walk away (even if it’s soooo shinnnyyyyyy!), say no to that invitation you’ve only said yes to in the past out of guilt and obligation…) 

2) Revert back to the old comfort zone. 
(Realize you’re emotionally eating and say “I’ll deal with it tomorrow” and eat the whole pack of frozen cookie dough, ignore the red flag, do the thing again even if it’s out of guilt and obligation and leads to total resentment)

When we pass the tests, something magical happens: We establish ourselves in the new vibration, the new reality. The next time a test arrives, it’s easier to pass it. Eventually, no more tests and the ultimate expression of your worthiness shows up in the world. With my weird examples above? Maybe you lose the 10lbs you’ve been trying to lose. and feel lighter & more vibrant Maybe you meet the super sexy, hilarious and majorly sweet guy you’ve always wanted to marry. Maybe you stop going to your second cousin’s horrible get togethers and use that wonderful time to build up your dream business.  

Me, today?
I passed some with ease. I think my facebook group is going to just keep getting better. 

I passed some with major difficulty. This shit is NOT easy. But. I did act in accordance with higher self-worth and in the process I uncovered some enormous block zones in my energy. I’ll be taking responsibility for those and … well… watch out world! 

I falied some. Dude. It was a BIG day.  

Until next time, 


Today, I learned: Doing something before you’re ready will bring up all the energetic blocks around it. It does every time, but it’s no reason not to do the thing and pass the test. 

Today I’m grateful for: My Sean, for pointing out I had a big test to pass. 

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