Healing Presence

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Healing Presence is your course to walk yourself back to your own love & your own power.
Within an 8-week period, you will:

– Take responsibility for your empathic energy so you can keep your energy clean and contained (and not take on other people’s stuff).
– Systematically work to see & love yourself deeper than ever so you can gracefully grow into who you really want to be.
– Become a mature healing presence who takes responsibility for their own triggers so you can make a bigger healing impact.

The self-study program has 8 learning modules, complete with workbooks and recorded meditations. The group program also includes 6 x 90-min zoom calls to put everything in practice in community and the group program for healers includes all of that, plus extra bonuses, where you will practice the energetics you are learning and get to ask questions pertaining to your clinical healing presence. The zoom meetings are 2h each instead of 1h30.

This program was inspired by the MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) that I used to offer. Although based in mindfulness meditation and self-compassion it is also deeply informed by my 10 years of professional energy healing experience.


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2 reviews for Healing Presence

  1. Grant (verified owner)

    This journey has been amazing! The way you change your thinking patterns by looking at things with a new set of eyes as it for the first time. They also gave me insight in the healing work to be done professionally when you have your own healing practice. It also enabled me to self heal especially during these times. Of uncertainty and stress.

    Thank you so much for this program I highly recommend it and you won’t regret it!

    Everyone, with Inge’s help you can be the change that you want! It’s all within you….

  2. Amaya

    I can’t recommend this program enough. It has changed my life, my approach to relationships and to external stressors making me more present to enjoy the good times and more able to address or distance myself from the bad in a healthy manner. Inge’s calm openness showed us the way in a gentle and practical way.

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This 8-week mindfulness meditation training program has been in existence since 1979 when Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn started offering meditation classes to help patients who were falling through the cracks of the medical system. Medication did nothing to alleviate their suffering, but meditation did. Ever since, the MBSR has been used as a way to scientifically study the effects of mindfulness. Studies have found it to relieve many stress-related conditions.

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