Soft & True (1550)


This 9-week program is about…
– Nourishment, gentleness, kindness, respect and love (with ourselves first, others too)
– Embracing your multidimensionality – your witchy, goddessy, fairy, healer, spirit guided self.
– Embracing your ordinarity – your very human, occasionally obtuse and dumb, fearful, silly, & goofy self.
– Telling the Truth. To yourself first. Sometimes this will be the harsh truth, sometimes this will be unleashing the ugly and the frightening aspects of you. It may be about admitting that which you are afraid to admit. On occasion there will be nothing soft about this Truth… but then we will nourish and be gentle and kind and respectful, and weave a phenomenal container for you to hold your own truth and find new ways to be soft with it.
– Holding yourself with grace & truthfulness and letting your unique magic ripple into the world in its fullest potency & power.

The results you can expect:
– Clarity around your work in the world (and how insanely valuable it actually is).
– An increase in respect in your interpersonal relationships.
– Guidance and support as you make very real (and potentially scary) changes in your life to be in higher alignment with your true self.

Program starts around September 15.

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More details coming soon.
Program is 9 weeks, starting around October 5.

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