The initation meditation

Use this one whenever you’re going through a “portal” like making a big investment or a big commitment.

The Safety & connection  meditation

Use this one whenever you’re feeling insecure, unloved, and looking for it outside of yourself. 

Safety & Connection Meditation

by Inge Broer | Soft & True

Calling your power back meditation

Use this one when you feel scattered, all over the place, or like everyone needs something from you and you can’t focus.

Clearing your energy  meditation

Use this one when you feel overwhelmed with other people’s thoughts, feelings or rules.

Cord cutting meditation

Use this one when you’re ready to shift the dynamic in one of your relationships. 

The inner healer meditation

Use this one when you’re in pain or going through something and you need some loving advice.

rain meditation

Use this one as soon as you notice something’s off in your energy, something’s not right, something’s trying to get your attention. 

The inner child meditation

Use this one when you’re triggered or in big emotional pain that is bigger than the situation it arose from.

Heart Healing & Metta meditation

Use this one when your heart feels tight or closed or overwhelmed OR when you want to boost the love in your life. 

intuition personified meditation

Use this one when you’re going into the unknown and want to connect with the magical part of you that “Just knows” 

unconditional body scan meditation

Use this one when you want to commit to being unconditional with yourself. 

Module 1 | The Terrain

In this module, you did :

  • The attention audit
  • Informal & formal mindfulness boost
  • The 360 degree assessment
  • Your inspiration and allies

Module 2 | The Stalking

In this module, you :

  • Stalked and studied your values moment to moment.
  • Looked at “What you’re made for” (what lights you up, turns you on)
  • Uncovered your Prostitute

Module 3 | The Decision

In this module, you :

  • Raised your standards for your attention, time & money.
  • Practiced your “no”
  • Got real about the big sacrifices you may want/need to make

Module 4 | The Gathering

In this module, you:

  • Actively Softened with RAIN, Up to me/Up to the Universe.
  • Did WOOP (Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, Plan) 
  • Kept practicing your “yes”, “no”  and raising your standards

Module 5 | The Engaging

In this module, you :

  • Activated Possibilities
  • Dreamt Huge, Took Baby Steps.
  • Personified Intuition: Met the part of you that is able to say: “I got this”. 

Module 6 | The continuing

In this module, you :

  • Kept Engaging
  • Built routine, affirmations, understanding. 
  • Got Unconditional with yourself

Module 7 | The Unfurling

In this module, you:

  • Met life with all your layers
  • Kept Engaging
  • Danced
  • Did the Heart Opening Meditation and/or Unconditional Body Scan

Module 8 | The Receiving

In this module, you :

  • Savored
  • Boosted Gratitude
  • Made a Received List
  • Kept Engaging

Module 9 | The recycling

In this module, you :

  • Did a Receiving Audit
  • Made Reminder Post Its
  • Wrote Yourself a Love Letter
  • Started over with an attention audit