Everything is energy and within the cosmic, energetic soup, there is a landscape that is you: a physical, emotional, mental & spiritual landscape within relational, cultural, historical & collective landscapes.
At the center of it all? YOU, moderated by your attention.
This week? you land in the center of it all.  
Soft, true, willing to open your eyes and see what is here. As within, so without.So without, so within.
What story is your life telling?

 Your work this week:

  • Your learning video (30min), if you’d like to take notes, you can find the slides here.
  • Your workbook (15 to 45-min depending on how deep you go). Download here.
    • The attention audit
    • A mindfulness boost (find ways to cultivate extra kindness, reverence, softness, awareness, clarity & truth this week). Re-invigorate your mindfulness practice (suggested meditations below).
    • The 360 degree assessment
    • Your inspiration and allies

    A meditation for safety & connection

    by Inge Broer | Soft & True Meditations

    My bank of Mindfulness meditations

    Here are a variety of mindfulness meditations you can explore this week or later. This is simply a suggestion. You can use whatever works for you ;). These range from 2 minutes to 19-minutes, and range in practices from watching the breath to mindful movement to cultivating the attitudes of mindfulness.