Welcome, dear one. You moved through the portal of your investment to find yourself here in a sacred space.
Within this container, you will come in contact with yourself at levels deeper than before. You will liberate yourself from the prisons of your own making. As you do, you will soften & melt into the spaces within you that were always yours to inhabit. You will deepen your softness and deepen your truth. (and change the world doing so).

Every week, you will receive access to a page like this one. This is your learning portal. You will find here: 

  • Your learning video
  • Your workbook (every week except this one)
  • Your healing practice, process or meditation

Let’s begin. Here’s what to do: 

  • Watch the video
  • Do the meditation
  • Journal on the question the meditation poses: What do you want to create?
  • Take your Actions:
    • Set up a space for your truth-work
    • Make your “no-list”
    • Schedule “yes-time” for Soft & True

Your Initiation

by Inge Broer | Soft & True Meditations