Back to Basics – Boundaries

by Inge Broer | 2020-12-30 | Energy Healing Blog

Because my ideal clients are sensitive empaths with huge hearts, I help people with boundaries almost daily. More than anything else, this is what makes an enormous difference in their lives.

An important note: good boundaries do NOT require you to close your heart.

In this Video About Boundaries, We’ll Cover

  • What energetic boundaries are
  • Why good boundaries are essential if you want to live a life that is filled with intimacy AND autonomy.

Energy boundaries are there as much to help you manage the energy coming from the outside world as to help you contain your energy. With your intention, you can set your boundaries to: Become invisible to anything you don’t want to have an experience of (violence of any kind for instance)Always welcome that which you want an experience of (expressions of love, giggles, fun for instance) or Ask you to use your discernment – do you want to let this in or not? (well-meaning criticism for instance).As for containing your energy, your boundaries help you process your experience, without needing to slip out and interact with the world around you.

How to Live This

  • Set your intentions.
  • What is ALWAYS welcome in?
  • What are you NOT available for?
  • What requires discernment on your part?


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