Back to Basics – Ego

by Inge Broer | 2021-01-20 | Energy Healing Blog

More than anything else, this is a core concept that is unavoidable in spiritual circles. Because of its importance, it also has multiple aspects and definitions. Rather than pretending like I have the right one, I’ll present three perspectives.

In this Video About Ego, We’ll Cover

  • 3 ways to understand ego

Each definition leads to a slightly different feature of the human experience.

Ego 1: Describes our need to defend the stories we have about ourselves.

Ego 2: Describes how we like our identities to be stable, comprehensible to ourselves and how we’ll reject any information that doesn’t conform to the idea we have of ourselves. (and why our egos don’t like shadows).

Ego 3: Describes how we have a spiritual self and also an egoic, human self and that they’re at odds, but both have different functions.

How to Live This

  • Create more space around these definitions… let them all be and when you hear the word used, see if you can identify which level is being addressed.


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