Back to Basics – Intention

by Inge Broer | 2020-12-20 | Energy Healing Blog

Everything is energy and energy is directed with intention.

When we are disciplined about setting intentions, we get to live a thoroughly meaningful, creative and empowered life.

In this Video About Intention, We’ll Cover

  • What is intention
  • How it is a key ingredient to a meaningful, creative life.

It’s through this intention-setting ability we have as human beings that we get to express our choices around how energy gets expressed in our lives.

When done with focus and mastery, it can feel like you’ve tapped into magic by helping you direct energy so that you manifest your deepest desires, let your life become a work of art that expresses your deepest values and keep you generally aligned as you move through the challenges of your life.

How to Live This

  • Set intentions at regular intervals. Matching it with the moon is a popular and recommended practice. Classically, you want to make new intentions with the new moon and do a clearing/letting go at the full moon.
  • It’s very powerful to set intentions in the tiny moments. What is your intention in drinking this glass of water? In connecting with this friend? In cuddling your cat? Connect the granular to the cosmic and your life will feel nothing short of majestic.


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