Back to Basics – Manifestation

by Inge Broer | 2020-11-17 | Energy Healing Blog

If you want to live the life of your dreams, you want to know all about manifestation.

Manifesting allows us to make our dreams a reality.

In this Video About Manifestation, We’ll Cover

  • What is manifestation?
  • How can we become good at it?

We are in constant co-creation and conversation with the universe.

Either we’re creating something we WANT or we’re creating something that shows us what’s in the way of what we want.

When we see it that way, with a willingness to heal our way to success, there’s no way to really fail and you absolutely get to manifest your life partner, optimal health or massive abundance.

How to Live This

  • Play with the formula of : ‘Ask – Become – Receive’. This requires you to get clear on what you desire (ask), to allow yourself to heal and become more of who you are (become) and then to receive the manifestation coming through (receive).
  • If you want some light-hearted (but fantastic) guidance while you become the most abundant version of yourself, sign up for Money Manifestation Month (link below).
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