Back to Basics – Mindfulness

by Inge Broer | 2020-11-17 | Energy Healing Blog

Mindfulness is everywhere. It’s almost becoming synonymous with self-care… and in a world where our attention is constantly recruited, it’s a skill that’s needed now more than ever.

In this Video About Mindfulness, We’ll Cover

  • What is Mindfulness?Why does it matter?

To practice mindfulness is to practice both a neutral observing of what’s occurring in the present moment and to practice a gentle but firm redirection of the attention to refocus on the here and now.

It’s this ability to redirect our attention, and to choose again and again where we shine the light of our awareness that can lead to many of the things we pursue when we pursue energy healing, i.e. intuition, healing, manifestation.

Healing and energy only exist in the present moment, so to work there we must train ourselvse to dwell there for longer and longer periods.

How to Live This

  • If you’re new to mindfulness meditation or have ‘fallen off the wagon’ with it, you’re invited to join my 10-day mindfulness journey. It’s entirely free and you can join below.
  • If you’ve been practicing for some time, keep it up! There’s nothing I’ve found quite as helpful as this practice.
  • Want to REALLY master this together? and let it be the portal to unlocking spiritual discipline and mastery? Then do Mind Mastery (details below).


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