Back to Basics – Shadow

by Inge Broer | 2021-01-14 | Energy Healing Blog

Let’s talk about ‘the dark side’. We all have one (or two or five hundred) and it is key to reclaiming all that we are. Shadow healing is one of my absolute favorite topics because it really makes a serious difference in our lives.

In this Video About Shadow, We’ll Cover

  • What shadow is
  • Why working with our shadow is key to healing.

This plays out when we react strongly and don’t know why, or we keep repeating a pattern and we can’t understand or change it, or even when we judge or admire others strongly.

These are moments where our shadows come to the surface and we’re invited to bring them to light and incorporate their energies into all that we are.

It’s not ONLY our bad sides that stay in the shadows. Our good sides too.

How to Live This

  • When it comes to healing your shadows, start with replacing judgment with curiosity. That simple substitution will get you far.


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