A great surge of energy accompanies the phrase “it’s time”. And last week? It was time. It was time to truly engage with the big things, with what’s really important, with what scares you.

This week? Is even harder. This week you’re asked to continue, to learn from doing, to stabilize and find your own way.

 Your work this week:

Still use the resources of the last weeks: Week 4 (The Gathering) & Week 5 (The Engaging).


Unconditional Body Scan

by Inge Broer | Soft & True Meditations

My bank of Mindfulness meditations

Here are a variety of mindfulness meditations you can explore this week or later. This is simply a suggestion. You can use whatever works for you ;). These range from 2 minutes to 19-minutes, and range in practices from watching the breath to mindful movement to cultivating the attitudes of mindfulness.