We’re on module 6 in Soft & True and I asked them to make the material fully their own. I asked them to integrate what they’ve learned so far, write it out and post it. 

This was my intention all along, but my overnight stay at the hospital made it even more poignant.: I’m never here to do your job. It’s your job to learn, to integrate, to take this work and make it your own. 

…and the reverse is true too. Teaching it doesn’t make me exempt from doing the work. 

So what have I learned from Soft & True so far? 

This work requires a willingness to be unconditional with yourself. Unconditional with your desires, with your truth, with what is FUN to you. It also requires you to have a look at your “busy work” – what you do to justify your worth to yourself when you don’t feel it. 

My busy work has been 1:1 clients, seen randomly, without much of a plan. 

It’s time it stops. 

This is terrifying. Truly. 

But there’s other work that awaits: 

  • Raising a child or two. 
  • Writing a book. 
  • Running group programs that truly light me up. 
  • Taking charge not only in my business but in my LIFE as well – organizing activities with friends (feels almost foreign…!), going on mini road trips, … 
  • Organizing and turning “Reiki Montreal” into what it was always meant to be – a hub for Reiki in Montreal, for people to find the right practitioners for them., for the right practitioners to grow and heal throughout their beginning as healers. 

And charging what I’ve been charging? Working the way I’ve been working? Well, it no longer works. So what am I planning? Honouring the commitments I’ve made so far. Getting clear on how I”m moving forward with my Reiki training. Getting another Energy Healing Toolkit group or two off the ground. Honouring my desire for another group of Soft & True in the fall. Getting real about the case studies I’m going to want from my Reiki III participants to turn them into Reiki masters. Asking them questions about what they’d really love to know to allow them to take their business to the next level. All that. But not more. 

My financial stability is taking a risk. 

…but back to what I’ve learned from Soft & True. Yes, money is important, but compromising who I am and my vision for who I want to be for the fake stability it affords me? No longer worth it. My unconditionality is everything. 




Today, I learned: As much as the non-confrontational part of me prefers avoiding conflict, it’s alwaaaayyyysssss better when the pus is out.  

Today I’m grateful for:  Science. So, so grateful that my diagnosis was a simple, straightforward one, with a mildly violent but VERY effective solution. So grateful for all the staff for taking such good care of me. 

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