Your energy in relationships can be: – too accessible or too closed – defended or undefended – resonant with others or neutral. 
Where do you think you land? Comment below! 
And if you don’t know? Let me back up a minute and explain what I mean. (Seriously. This is a longer post, but take a minute or three to read this. It might just change your perception of people and relationships forever and lead you to way more harmony and love in your life.) First of all…

What do I mean by energy?

Energy is vibrating information. A person is a gorgeously complex system of vibrating information. As you read these descriptions, certain people may come to mind. Take note of that. 

That information can be inaccessible: 

Your boundaries are very firm and it takes a lot for someone to see through what you project and to see the real you underneath. You may appear tougher than you really are or cheerier than you really are. You may also blend in so well you remain invisible. In any case: The real you remains hidden.

Or that information can be very accessible: 

You are a broadcaster. Every thought, every emotion is written all over you. People somehow find you “loud” even when you’re not saying anything. Your energy affects others. Your boundaries tend to be very open and you may also feel things very intensely – Like the world is more RAW for you. 

Your energy can be defended:

We all have zones in our energy that are extremely vulnerable. I’m talking about our wounds, our insecurities, our shame. Our energy is constructed in such a way to PROTECT these zones. As soon as someone comes close, to stop them from doing so, it’s quite natural for fear or anger to arise. As a result, we may: snap at the people trying to come close to us, push them away or withdraw from them. 
When your energy in relationships is undefended, our tender places don’t trigger such strong defensive responses.
This is typically as a result of strong self-love, strong boundaries and strong healing work. We own our insecurity, our wounds, our shame. Most of us still have zones we’d rather protect and with maturity, we learn to protect them in more graceful ways. (We learn to do this in LMM). 

Finally, (parts of) your energy can resonate with someone else

The way the other person vibes resonates with how you vibe and this AMPLIFIES this energy in your relationship. When you share a sense of humor with someone, being together amplifies this particular sense of humor. Conversely, when you share a “hidden” wound around abandonment, that wound gets amplified as well. This resonance can work to amplify what you WANT in your life or amplify what you DON’T want – often we’ll feel this as a clashing. 
When you KNOW this, you can really intentionally choose whom you hang out with in order to amplify the energies you want to amplify in your life.
Your energy in relationships can also really be doing its own thing and it’s hard to find resonance with others. Other people will feel sort of neutral, but it’s hard to “click” with anyone else. If you’re still reading, I’m so glad! It’s this type of perception that has CHANGED MY LIFE and allowed me to move out of semi-crippling social anxiety, to move out of toxic relationships and to truly enjoy the relationships in my life. I’d love to share even more with you during Love Manifestation Month. 30 days of support, encouragement, insight and exercises to create more LOVE in your life. Sign up here: Love, Inge P.S. We will be breaking down THIS insight in order to create WAY more love and connection in your relationships.