Back to Basics – Empaths

by Inge Broer | 2020-11-17 | Energy Healing Blog

If you’re an empath and you feel victimized by your supernatural ability to sense other people’s emotions, I strongly encourage you to watch this video because your capacity to feel is your gift, and the world needs you to master it.

In this Video About Empaths, We’ll Cover

  • What are empaths
  • How energy healing can be an ally for empaths

Because of their sensitivity, empaths can feel all sorts of things, including the mood in a room, know when someone is lying, feeling allergic to inauthentic people, …

When an empath doesn’t quite master their energetic gifts yet, that can lead to feeling constantly overwhelmed, needing a lot of alone time, sometimes leading to a sort of weepiness and developed fear of other people and their emotions. I’ve definitely been there.

When they do master these gifts (and learn to manage their boundaries!) they are natural healers because they can read others so well.

How to Live This

  • Take yourself from sensitive victim to healing warrior. Take responsibility for your gifts. The world needs you.
  • Once you’ve accepted this, watch all the videos in this series 😉 (and then watch your life change).


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