Back to Basics – Energy

by Inge Broer | 2020-11-17 | Energy Healing Blog

The word ‘energy’ is used more and more widely in our the mainstream vernacular. The thing is, it can mean many different things depending on context: “They have good energy”, “I don’t have energy”, “the energy of is really weird right now”, “everything is energy”. It confused me quite a bit until I could find a definition that applied in all situations.

In this Video About Energy, We’ll Cover

  • The definition of energy that helped me relax
  • Why it’s helpful

If you drill down into the nature of all that is, you’ll find that everything is energy, and therefore everything is vibrating information.

That vibrating information is organized in different systems of varying complexity.

Human beings are vibrating information systems organized in a certain way (with emotions and thoughts and organs and archetypal patterns running through them)…. and so is everything else. Much of this energy is subtle, much of it isn’t.

In systems, energy can be aligned and harmonious or blocked.

How to Live This

  • You’re invited to play with your perception. Subtle energy is perceived with a part of the mind that we’re not usually encouraged to use. If you play with the perception that everything is energy organized in different ways, how do you experience the chair you’re sitting in? How do you experience your child’s laughter? How do you experience taking a sip of water?
  • You’re also invited to suspend judging energy as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. What happens when it’s aligned or blocked instead?


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