Back to Basics – Healing

by Inge Broer | 2020-11-17 | Energy Healing Blog

Want a conscious, empowered, wise life … but you keep getting triggered and hurt?

It feels like you’re in an endless washing machine?

You’re hurt, angry, irritated and can’t create what you want?

Healing is knocking on your door. It’s not always comfortable to answer, but always worthwhile to say ‘yes’ to the invitation.

In this Video About Healing, We’ll Cover

  • What healing IS in energy terms
  • Why it’s crucial if you want to be the creatrix of your life
  • What’s important to know on your healing journey.

On the healing journey, we meet a lot of icky things we’d prefer not to. These are things we’ve we’ve held separate and rejected for some reason (usually to protect ourselves). We flagged them as unacceptable and blocked those energies from our own consciousness. To be extra safe, we also built protection mechanisms on top of these places to be sure never to let them out. When these protection mechanisms get triggered over and over, we repeat the same patterns over and over.

When we heal, we get to clean up all that distorted energy, return to the whole and clear the pathway to freedom, creativity and empowerment.

How to Live This

  • Let everything that triggers you be a pathway to healing. Meet it all with a curious, loving attention.
  • It’s all YOU. YOU are magnificent, there are no “bad” parts of you. Just misplaced parts that create unwanted results.


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